Monday, April 21, 2008

Extra post because I'm restless

Too much coffee is a very bad thing. Especially when you don't really need it, haven't had a lot to eat that day, and your friend is offering it to you for free. Very, very bad idea. But sooo tempting. So, the result of my useless restless energy is: a bonus entry! More music.

So this band, The Hush Sound, is a piano-pop-rock group from Chicago. Here's the catch- they are labelmates with Panic at the Disco and Paramore, on the label owned by the dude from Fall Out Boy. Why on earth would any person who isn't a teenage girl listen to this, you ask?  The answer is that they're honestly a great band that could stand well on their own, on any other label.
Both the female pianist and the guitarist sing, although they tend to alternate as leads on songs. This results in two pretty different songs, but they're both awesome. Their new album, Goodbye Blues, has a ton of songs that vaguely echo the jazz songs of your parents' favorite radio stations, but are still very much contemporary.  People who are into Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate will probably like these songs, but I'd encourage people with more eclectic tastes to try it out too.
If you enjoy the music, please purchase the music from the artists!


Ambreen said...

Thanks for hatin on me yo.
Haha jk. [Free] Coffee is AWESOME!! Especially when you get an extra post because of it! woooo!

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